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My passion, skill and dedication to shooting and training I owe to three individual members. They have always inspired me to become better and achieve my goals, and without them I would not be near where I am today. These individuals are my father, mother and a good friend who sponsored me my first firearm, being a FN Hi-Power Browning. I thank you all.

revolver revolver

I started shooting IDPA (or at least a backyard version of IDPA) with my parents in the early 2000's. During this period of time we had a great influx of farm related murders in South Africa. My father being the responsible and pro-active person he is decided to form a club where local farmers can come to shoot and get to know their defensive firearms so much better. Part of this was obviously teaching my brother and I how to safely and responsibly handle firearms of all shapes and sizes. This continued on for about four, maybe five, years until my father formed Touw Defensive Pistol Club (TDPC). During this time I was still shooting and old nine-round Harrington and Richardson .22LR revolver (the firearm I learned how to shoot with and did for almost four years). During mid-2005, on a Sunday morning, I received my very first firearm, a 9mmP FN GP35.

champs2010 champs2010

This firearm was my true first-step into becoming a dedicated sport shooter. I joined IDPA in December of 2005 and started my journey in IDPA. For the next four years I competed in local Tier-1 and Tier-2 matches and enjoyed what I was doing. However, during 2010 I decided it is time to broaden my horizons and take on the big Leagues, namely South Africa's Flagship IDPA event. The IDPA Africa Championships.

At that stage I didn't have any firearms licenses on my name, my first firearm license took 16 months to finalize, and had to borrow a firearm. Being very familiar with the 1911 style firearms and primarily have shot these, it came to quite a challenge when the only firearm I could get my hands on to shoot the event was a Glock. However, we accepted the challenge and went on to win my 1st IDPA Africa Championships that year, only having two weeks of training (dry-fire) and running about 200 rounds through the Glock prior to the event.

Shortly after I received my first license for my Colt Series 80, and from there everything just seemed to bloom.

brother dream team brother dream team

I went on winning a couple of National matches and the IDPA Africa Championships after that.

Around about 2015, I was approached and persuided to start giving shooting lessons and classes. Naturally loving time on the range, I agreed and that is when my passion for teaching started. I trained my first student for about nine months and under my guidance he won his Division and Classification at the 2016 IDPA Africa Championships. Since then I have trained and continue training numerous other students, out of whom have won multiple National and International level matches. Unknowingly to myself I have started taking more pride in my student's achievements than my own. My proudest moment as a Sport Shooter, Trainer and Brother was when my brother competed, and won the 2017 IDPA Africa Championships, using the same pistol and winning the same Trophy I won five years prior. Finally my Dream Team was born.