Robert Nyamongo

I trained under Ian for 4 days in 2017. The training was awesome and I went on to win the Outeniqua League Match immediately after. Ian is an excellent natural instructor.

- Robert Nyamongo | Kenyan IDPA Champion and 1st Master in East Africa

I was thinking of ways and means to improve my shooting, to take my shooting to the next level. After doing a lot of research I came across the name Ian van der Bank of Competition Essential Development.

I must say I was skeptical about the course and training with another Master Class Shooter. Attending the course with Ian, had a fresh insight and a different aspect on Advanced Shooting.

Ian van der Bank an excellent shooter, but more so an excellent teacher, he shared the right knowledge and right tools, to help improve my shooting. You can't go wrong and I highly recommend attending Ian's Advanced Shooting Class, if you want to take your shooting to the next level."

- Ashu Sennik | Kenyan IDPA Shooter

We were referred to Ian by a shooter we highly respect and were not disappointed with the training we received. The mixture of classroom and practical training, of how correcting small 'bad habits' can completely change your shooting, was an eye-opener for me. Ian has refined shooting to a science and uses his considerable skills as a Software Engineer to build formulae that tracks your journey as a shooter. He is re-defining the art of competitive shooting and shows you, practically, how you can improve every aspect of your shooting.

- Salim Amin | Chairman Camerapix

I have been an active shooter for the last 8 years,I have always known the importance of fundamentals in shooting. but I have had my fair share of assuming most of the key principles of shooting, till I met Ian at the 2017 IDPA African Championships, where we shot in the same squad.

Later on, in 2018, I trained with him and he changed my shooting forever.

Sammy Onyango

I learnt the key principles of Shooting from his humble way of instructing by illustrations and that's when I discovered that:
1. Sight picture is of utmost importance in determining where your round goes, for example, a "left mid -1 on an IDPA target" you need to know how it looks like in your sights at 10 meters, 15 meters, 25 meters. And so on. Attention is the key here, with focused repetitions.
2. A good trigger pull allows you to have the best shots and consciously done,wins you the match.
3. Proper Grip helps in recoil management and gives you a proper follow through, consciously done gives you a proper balance of speed and accuracy.

After my training with Ian I can brag that my shooting has tremendously changed for the better. I look forward to more TRAINING with Ian and inviting him to Kenya, to train my fellow shooters.

- Sammy Onyango | Chairman Triple Tap Ranges

It was a great pleasure to learn under the able trainer, Ian van der Bank. Ian has a very good way of teaching ensuring that you understand WHY different shooting styles are applied.

After attending his course, I was able to perform better and even won some of the local matches. I now feel very comfortable shooting using my technique, not locking my arms out.

Awesome. Thank you very much Sir for your training.

- Eric Ngubi | Kenyan IDPA Shooter